MAGESZ Hungarian Steel Association


Aszman Ferenc

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the website of Hungarioan Steel Association.

MAGESZ, the Association for Hungarian steel structure designing, producing and constructing was created in 1998.

According to the Memorandum of the Association , the aim is the collaboration of Hungarian Steelstructure Businesses, promoting their professional and economical interests, synchronizing such efforts, promoting  social interests, improving local and international commercial relationships, emerging experts and monitoring and influencing the scientific background for the profession.

Since its foundation, MAGESZ has strengthened the relationship of its members, monitored, introduced and evaluated the ongoing investments, scientific accomplishments within the profession and helped talented young professionals.

The Association gives the Award of Steelstructures and the Steelstructure Diploma Award each year.

Our site allows you to have an insight of MAGESZ: its member structure, work, main areas of activities, its goals and achievements, so into that special field where generations share their experience and pass on the best of their knowledge to the ones coming after them.

We must also mention our quarterly publication: ACELSZERKEZETEK that became a respected journal of the steel profession and can be accessed in digital version via our website.

Ferenc Aszman